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Practical Pricing offers web development optimization.

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To: Kevin,
My new website looks and functions better than you promised. After one week my law office is organically positioned on the first search result page of Goggle. I appreciate the countless hours you spent with my staff providing insight, keeping me updated, quickly responding to questions and providing same day requested content modification for a fair price.


Robert M. Marasco, Esq.
Marasco Law Office
(P) 321.631.3476
(E) robert.marasco@marascolawoffice.com
Robert Marasco, Marasco Law Office

To: Kevin,
I am a 76 year old senior specializing in assisting seniors book their senior cruises. You developed my web site five or six years ago. Recently you developed a new website to provide my web site visitors mobile responsive access. I looked at my new web site that you developed and optimized for me. I did search on search engines and found 6 or 7 of my keyword categories are optimized organically. Several of my keywords are showing up throughout the United States on search with no mention of any city or state. In my opinion, your work is pretty impressive to me as a 76 year old senior citizen. Thank you for your exceptional skill.

Wayne Hagadone
(E) wayne@crusisesforseniors.com
(P) 800.845.9611
Wayne Hagadone, Cruises For Seniors

To: Kevin,
Our first project with Kevin was in 2009, when he retooled our existing website. Through his SEO expertise, our site quickly ranked on Google’s first-page positions based on our strategic key words. With that, our company brand has received excellent reach nationwide, as we have built long-lasting customer relationships and related sales from coast-to-coast.

Last weekend, we launched our newly designed website, which Kevin developed from our conceptual designs while working with our marketing team. Utilizing modern innovation, the new site boasts advance performance, valuable content, intuitive navigation and dependable functionality. The images are “retina-ready” high definition for the viewing pleasure of anyone visiting with a high definition screen.

This website is also “mobile-responsive” meaning the images will resize-on-the-fly, so they fit properly and can be easily viewed on desktops and mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, pads and mobile phones, including vertical and horizontal phone display. “Since mobile-responsive has only been stable for a short time, we are on the leading edge of that technology and hope you find your visit to our new website an enjoyable and educational experience.” said Bob Sargent at CPC.

Bob Sargent
Chief Operating Officer
(E) bobsargent@crescentprinting.com
(P) 608.781.1050, Ext. 5052
Direct: 608.791.5052
Toll Free: 800.658.9032, Ext. 5052

To: Kevin,
I love the real estate website you produced for my real estate business. I enjoy the ability to display my own listings using the real estate listings engine you added to my website. Providing me extra listing options is great and gives me more flexibility than regular IDX listings. You work hard and you are always available to respond and answer my questions. I appreciate your work ethic.

Brygiette Lusinski, REALTOR
Florida Luxury Real Estate Sales

To: Kevin,
The new website is now positioning on the first page of Google organically. You also gave me a great Content Management System so now I can access and modify my new website pages.

Bill Summers, President
California Sweepers

To: Kevin,
Your work on my new Title Insurance website is much appreciated. The new Title Insurance website is mobile responsive which is beneficial, because most of our website visitors are utilizing Apple and Droid mobile phones to access our new website. Your rates are reasonable and your attention to detail has been excellent.

Kathy Ringler, President
Mutual Abstract, Inc.
Free Website Assessment

Practical Pricing offers web development optimization.

Acquire a world-class, mobile responsive, retina-ready, and fully optimized website today.

Free Website Assessment

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