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Kevin Stagl owns and operates Practical Pricing. Practical Pricing performs web development optimization.┬áThe term “web development optimization” means small business owners can now acquire a cost-effective “bundled” website solution.

Kevin is an optimization specialist. Each web development project includes optimization at no cost. While visiting this website, rollover the LOCAL PROJECTS tab on the main navigation and review website projects, testimonials, and view actual Google screenshots of organic optimization results.

A “bundled” website solution is a substantial advantage to small business owners. Customers achieve world-class website presence, free optimization included, one-year of secure hosting turn-key. Typical time for organic optimization occurs in one week from date of live launch. From year to year, most website customers show up at or near the top of first search result pages on all three major search engines. Typical time to organically position occurs within one week from date of live launch.

Unlike SEO firms, Practical Pricing “does not” guarantee or warranty any particular organic position for any particular keyword on any particular search engine. Kevin never charges for optimization services, rather includes optimization at no cost during web development. The results are outstanding indeed year over year. Check out the LOCAL PROJECTS tab on the main navigation and you decide how well Kevin’s optimization services are working.

Kevin’s web development optimization expertise is based upon seventeen years experience building websites since 1998. Kevin has specialized in “web development optimization” for ten years all that while testing, assessing, and evaluating various optimization strategies since as early as 2006.

Each website project begins by sharing ideas. To begin that conversation, Practical Pricing offers a Contact Submission Form so decision-makers can request a confidential, free, no-obligation assessment of any existing website you may utilize currently. You may also request more information by simply calling Kevin at 321.848.0399.

Skill, Talent & Wisdom

  • Web development Optimization
  • World-Class Website Themes
  • Cutting-Edge Functionality
  • Crisp, Clean, Uncluttered Designs
  • Mobile Responsive Functionality
  • Retina-Ready High Definition
  • Language Packs Available
  • Shortcodes, Widgets, & Sidebars
  • Social Media Marketing & Blog
  • Scalable Graphics, Logo, Animation
  • Video Production
  • Post-Production Editing
  • Slider Images Displays
  • Image Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • Hosting, Email, SSL, Dedicated IP
  • Shop Carts, Order Forms
  • Content Management Systems
  • Password Protected Admin Access
  • Post-Launch Training Included
  • Seasonal Maintenance & Backups
  • Forums, Blogs, Social Commenting
  • Product Catalog Database
  • Inventory Management
  • Post-Launch Media Marketing
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Practical Pricing offers web development optimization.

Acquire a world-class, mobile responsive, retina-ready, and fully optimized website today.

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Web Development Optimization
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